Bill has been running food smoking courses for more than twenty years

The Guardian newspaper included our course in the 'World's Top 15 Foodie Courses', one of only three in the UK

The Sunday Times wrote of 'Staggeringly lovely fare' on one of our courses

Our two-day course includes

How to build a smoker

How to brine and cure first, meat, cheese and some vegetables

Eating unusually good food!

The cost is £180 with a partner paying £120 - we believe the knowledge is better shared between two people

Price includes top quality produce to eat and to take home

Sukie shares recipies to make the most of the delicious smoked ingredients

The smoked haddock souffle with spinach from the garden and a lemon and bronze fennel sauce will never be forgotten!

The smoking course makes an ideal gift

We smoke salmon, trout, mackerel, sprats, sardines and various white fish

Cheese, eggs and garlic are also smoked

Much of the meat we smoke is raised on our croft

It includes pork for sausages, bacon and ham plus locally sourced venison including sausages


Bill & Sukie Barber  01450 373 424  billandsukie@gmail.com

Priestrig Croft, by Hawick TD9 7NT